What is an E-ticket and what advantages does it have?

E-ticket is a contemporary technology of purchasing an airline ticket. E-ticket was first introduced in the United States in 1996 and quickly became widely used in many nations of the world. Since 2008, all members of International Air Transportation Association (IATA) are required to use the E-ticketing system.

The electronic passenger ticket and baggage check is the electronic form of airline ticket offered instead of paper tickets. All information related to registration of E-tickets is secured into a special database, and is kept in electronic form for 5 years. Thus passengers:

  • won’t forget or lose their tickets
  • don’t have to wait to receive a paper ticket in the mail
  • can now purchase tickets for their friends and relatives residing in other cities: However, for identification purposes registration and check-in process is still required at the airport of departure.
Where and how you can buy an e-ticket?

The most convenient way of booking an electronic ticket – is to visit the airline’s website.E-ticket is generated for you immediately after booking and payment. As confirmation, you will receive the itinerary in your email (itinerary receipt).

What certifies an E-ticket?

The electronic passenger ticket and baggage check (e-ticket itinerary receipt) is a document used to certify the agreement for carriage of the passenger and his / her baggage for air travel.

What confirms the purchase of an E-ticket?

During e-ticket sales the passenger is issued an itinerary receipt, when paying cash or using a plastic card – the fiscal check issued by means of cash register facilities.

Similar to the paper ticket, itinerary receipt contains full information on a route, form, payment details and conditions of air transportation. We recommend that you have the itinerary receipt with you at all times during the flight. Itinerary receipt may be needed to present to the Aviation Security Services for verification purposes before entering the airport, check-in hall, during the passport control or custom inspections as a proof that you have a return ticket or traveling via transit.

What is required for the check-in at the airport, if I have an E-ticket?

For check-in purposes at the airport, it is mandatory for adults to have their passports and for children birth certificates. It is convenient to have an itinerary receipt as it contains all necessary data about the flight. We recommend that you print and take the itinerary receipt with you, although it is not required for the check-in at the airport. For international flights the itinerary receipt is required for the passport control as a proof that you have a return ticket or traveling via transit. In some Russian airports the itinerary receipt may be required by the Aviation Security Services before entering the airport.

Please note!

When flying abroad, you will need the itinerary receipt during passport control, as proof that you have a return ticket or will continue via a transit flight.