How to return an e-ticket bought online?

If you want to return an e-ticket then you must send a request with copy of itinerary attached to booking@somonair.com.

Attention! Requests without refund application or over the phone will not be accepted. After your refund application is processed, a notification will be sent to your email about the status of your refund.

Refund amount is calculated in accordance with the terms of selected fare, which you had an opportunity to look at before buying your electronic ticket.

The payment for this transaction will be transferred back to your bank card.

Please be aware that refund process can take up to 20 days.

Luggage Allowance

Passenger may carry only one carry-on luggage item not heavier than 7 kg economy class and 10 kg business class with dimensions of 55 х 40 х 20 centimeters.

What is not allowed to carry in a luggage?
Dangerous goods

In order to provide security to passengers, it is prohibited to carry with you and in the luggage the following dangerous items and substances:

  • explosives, explosive materials and objects;
  • compressed and liquefied gases;
  • flammable liquids;
  • flammable solids;
  • Radioactive materials;
  • oxidants, organic peroxide, bleach;
  • Toxic and poisonous substances;
  • corrosives.

Weapons, ammunition and special equipment of passengers who are entitled to their possession and carrying, are seized during the flight on the act of officer in charge of inspection, and are issued at the arrival airport area.

Items that can be used as a weapon to attack the crew or passengers (knives, axes, ice axes, crossbows, air rifles and pistols, underwater guns, replicas of weapons and other piercing and cutting items) must be carried in checked baggage.

Why is my seat not indicated on my ticket?

If instead of the seat number you see “OK” on your ticket, it means that on this flight an automated system of registration is used and ticket sales are made without specifying the number of seats. Number of seats will be indicated on your boarding pass at check-in. You can tell the officer conducting the registration about where you wish to be seated. To this end, we recommend that you come for check-in at its beginning.

What are “agency fees”?

Agency fees – these are fees set by the agency for services rendered to the passenger. A list of agency fees is set by order of the enterprise (agency). Agency fees are in addition to the passenger fare. For example: booking fee, fee for affixing the place on the ticket with open date of departure, the fee for the refund or exchange of tickets, etc.

What can be transported in excess of the free baggage allowance at no extra charge?

In excess of the free baggage allowance and free of charge, the passenger has the right to carry the following items (if they are with the passenger and are not checked in as luggage):

  • handbag or briefcase;
  • a folder for papers;
  • umbrella;
  • walking stick;
  • bouquet of flowers;
  • outerwear;
  • printed materials to read on the flight;
  • baby food for the baby during the flight;
  • portable computer;
  • costume holdall;
  • cradle for transport of the child;
  • crutches, stretchers, wheelchair for passengers with disabilities.
Does Baggage allowance differ from the usual when purchasing a ticket online?

Baggage allowance is set the same as for the purchases online and for purchases in the ticket office and is indicated in the itinerary receipt under BAG section.

Can I purchase a ticket for my child online?

No, unfortunately, you are not allowed to buy tickets online, only for the child. You need to contact the ticket office in your area.

Is it possible to purchase a ticket online for a person using another person’s credit card?

Yes, it is possible. Anyone can pay for their families, friends and partners using his/her credit card. But you need to confirm the payment by sending the copy of the passport of card holder to the email address at booking@somonair.com. If confirmation is not received in accordance with the rules established by the airline, such payment will be forfeited and the money spent on buying a ticket will be refunded to the card. Please note, if the complaint is received from the card holder for this transaction, the liability will pass on to the passenger.

Why am I not able to pay for my ticket online using my credit card?

Please check if you have enough funds or credit limit on your credit card to pay for the ticket. If funds are sufficient, it is possible that your payment card is not allowed to make purchases via the Internet. Please contact the bank where you got the card and specify whether you are allowed to use your card to pay online.

If the funds on your card are sufficient, access for transactions over the Internet is allowed, but you still cannot buy a ticket, maybe it is because we cannot obtain an authorization code from your bank – try to pay for the transaction with another card.

Fare price is in Euro, but my credit card uses other currency, what exchange rate will the transaction be processed at?

You can pay by card in any currency. The amount listed on the site will be converted into euros at the rate of the payment system and bank issuer.

Is it safe to pay for my ticket using a (credit) card at www.somonair.com?

By paying for a ticket online at www.somonair.com, you buy a ticket exclusively from Somon Air.

All information about your card is passed to the processing center via a secure communication channel. All information about the ticket is stored in the reservation system and protected against fraud attempts.

Somon Air values its reputation and trust of customers, in connection with which it uses a certified processing center and a security system that allows you to freely pay for services by cards such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB and Diners Club.

How can I pay for my ticket?

At the present time, you can use two methods to pay for your tickets:

1. The traditional method of online payment – Visa, Master Card, JBC, and Diners Club debit and credit cards.

Please note that Electron and MasterCard credit cards of Visa and Maestro payment systems may not be suitable for settlement through the Internet. Also, some banks, in order to provide service for “Making purchases on the Internet” require an additional connection. Please consult with the bank, which issued your card.

2. The second method of payment – using cash in the ticket offices in your area.

Are pregnant women allowed to fly?

Transportation of pregnant women on board the aircraft is carried out with a doctor’s permission during pregnancy period from 28 to 32 weeks. In the case of a gestation period of 32 weeks or more, pregnant women, regardless of their health status, are not permitted for carriage on board the aircraft. Pregnant women must have a document or a certificate of medical examination by a gynecologist, a gestational age, and permission to fly.

Can I buy a ticket online, if I’m soon going to be a mom?

No, unfortunately, such passengers or their representatives should contact the sales office. Due to the fact that you will need to provide a certificate of medical examination by a gynecologist, according to the rules for the transport of pregnant women on board the aircraft. When you contact our sales office, you will receive detailed information about how and under what conditions you can get a ticket for our flights.

When do I need to provide information about visas?

You need to provide information about visas if you purchase a one-way ticket for a flight 4J № 159 Dushanbe – Frankfurt am Main.

Ticket is issued and paid for online, but first and last name are incorrect. What should I do?

According to the rules of our company, changing first and last name is prohibited. If you make a mistake when filling out first or last name, or series and passport number, please notify us of the error by calling +992 44 640-40-51 or by e-mail at booking@somonair.com.

What should I do if I don’t receive my itinerary by email?

If you have successfully paid for a ticket online and have not received itinerary receipt you can check the status of payment and download the itinerary receipt by clicking on the link http://booking.somonair.com/en/order, where you must enter the order number and the name of any passenger in the order. You may also call the number +992 (44) 640-40-51 or send an email to booking@somonair.com. We will be glad to help you!

How can I receive the ticket?

In the process of purchase you choose one of two options:

Payment with a plastic card – in this case, after the successful payment, itinerary receipt will be sent to your email address (specified by you during the booking process) which you should print.

A paper ticket – you can book a ticket online. Within 2 hours, the ticket must be purchased (you need to come to the sales office of your choice at). Otherwise, your booking will be removed after the specified time.

Warning, to receive a ticket you need the original or copy of your passport.

Can I buy a group ticket online?

Maximum number of passengers per one order when buying tickets online is – 9. If you want to buy tickets for a greater number of people you need to buy more than once.

How can I buy a ticket online?

The purchase procedure is very simple, and takes, on average, two or three minutes. The entire buying process consists of four steps. You need to choose a direction, date and submit passport information, then the system will prompt you to complete the payment form, ie details of your credit card. After processing the information you have entered, the system will alert you on the screen, or by e-mail as specified by you, the result of the purchase. Please note our baggage restriction.

How can I change the date of departure, if the ticket was purchased online?

For this you may contact our office through our feedback form, by phone +992(44) 640-40-51 or by sending an email request to booking@somonair.com.

In order to make changes to your itinerary, you need to send us your itinerary which you had received earlier to booking@somonair.com along with application with a change of date request: the letter should specify passenger’s full name and passport information.

Remember! All changes to your purchase are processed strictly in accordance with conditions specified in the fare rules, which you are given an opportunity to familiarize yourself before the purchase of an airline ticket.