How do I get my baggage after landing?

After leaving the plane, follow the signs to the «Baggage Claim» area. Find your flight number on the information screens to find out which baggage carousel will have the baggage from your flight. Staff in the baggage claim area can answer questions concerning your baggage, including retrieving fragile objects, pets, prams and sporting equipment, etc. If your flight is international then you must go through passport/immigration control before you get your baggage. After baggage claim you can go through customs control.

How many kilograms of baggage can I carry for free?

Your free baggage allowance depends on the carrier and is set for each flight specifically. On regular Somon Air flights it is generally 30kg for business class and 20kg for economy class. If your flight is operated by a partner airline, the free baggage allowance may differ from Somon Air. In that case you can assume it to be two items totalling 30kg for business class (with the weight of any single item not more than 23kg), or one item up to 20kg for economy class.

For children younger than 2 years, traveling without a separate seat, there is no free baggage allowance. What are the rules about taking liquids on board? For the purpose of flight safety the volume of liquids you can carry in your hand luggage is restricted (but this does not apply to checked-in baggage). In hand luggage, you can take liquids on board if the volume of their packaging is not larger than 100ml, and the total volume of liquids in separate packages doesn’t exceed 1 litre. This requirement applies not only to carbonated drinks, water and juices, but also to gels, lotions, perfumes, creams, toothpastes and liquid cosmetics, etc.

Can I pay for excess or outsized baggage online?

At present, no – but we will launch a new service for this soon.