Passenger baggage

All passengers baggage, including the one that you want to take into the cabin as hand luggage must be presented to the airline personnel during check-in. This requirement is to ensure the safety of your flight. In the interest of flight safety and the safety of your luggage, your stuff should not be left unattended, and you should not carry someone else’s luggage.

Luggage that the airline takes under its own control and responsibility is registered in the system and given a specific barcode number. Such baggage is carried in the luggage compartment of an airplane.

A passenger may declare the value of checked baggage if in excess of applicable limits of liability limitation of the carrier. If the passenger makes such a declaration, he must pay an additional fee.

In addition to the free baggage allowance on board, you can optionally take some personal items: a handbag, a bouquet of flowers, a plastic bag, a coat or a raincoat, umbrella or walking stick, small camera or camcorder, laptop computer, binoculars, publications, a collapsible wheelchair or crutches (if these items are needed for a passenger), purchases made in Duty-free.

Securities and commercial papers, passports and other documents, medicines, fragile items, jewelry, precious metals must be carried in hand luggage.

Baggage Allowance

Free baggage allowance is determined by the flight destination and class of service in the flight. There are two rules of baggage transportation: baggage allowance weight (weight concept) and number of seats system (piece concept). Weighing system determines the baggage rules for the free baggage allowance.

Free baggage allowance for adults and children older than two years, determined by the airline is in full accordance with international standards and for most routes are:

  • Total baggage weight for a business class passenger – 30 kg;
  • Total baggage allowance for economy class – 20 kg.
  • For children younger than 2 years, traveling without a separate seat, there is no free baggage allowance.