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Online payment security

Somon Air improves security of ticketing system on the company’s website

Air company Somon Air, taking care of the security of online payments of its customers, introduced a new technology “3-D Secure”. Now buying air tickets on the company’s website using Visa and MasterCard is as secure as possible!

The new 3-D Secure technology is an additional level of Internet payment protection designed to significantly reduce fraud with bank cards. It allows you to identify the cardholder when making online payments via the Internet: when making a payment, you need to enter a special password that is known only to the cardholder.

The difference between payments using 3-D Secure technology from the classic method is that one more step is added to the online payment process, which allows the user to prevent the use of the card by third parties.

Attention! If your card does not support the 3-D Secure service, the system will automatically reject your request.

How it works?

When completing the transaction after you have specified your card details and clicked the payment confirmation button, the security system will require you to enter an additional secret password.

After you enter the secret password, in a few seconds you will be identified and the payment will be confirmed. Entering a one-time password is necessary in order to make sure that the card is in the hands of its owner. All the information you entered, when making payment through the 3-D Secure protocol, will be stored only on the bank server and will be hidden from the access of outsiders.

How to connect to 3D-Secure technology?

The service can be activated automatically when issuing a bank card. If the service has not been connected, the cardholder must visit the office of the organization, servicing the card and leave a request for access to technology.