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Dear passengers - if you choоse a bank card as a payment method, please read the following important information.

1. Due to the limitations of payment systems, bank cards issued in the territory of the Russian Federation (Visa, Mastercard, MIR), as well as the bank cards of the national payment system KORTI MILLI, are not accepted for payment.

2. If your card does not support 3D-Secure technology, you will not be able to make a payment!

3. Make sure your card is linked to a valid phone number and if your SIM card is in the network area, in order to pay, you must enter the SMS verification code sent by your bank to your mobile phone.

4. A time limit of 25 minutes is set for booking and paying for an air ticket. After this time, the booking page will be expired and cancelled automatically.

5. Before making a purchase, please check the card’s limit (restrictions on payments). If the purchase amount exceeds the limit of payment transactions, it will not be possible to purchase a ticket.