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The Round Table series will be a unique opportunity to discuss the local and regional issues that limit the development of aviation in the region and how airlines, governments and a broad range of stakeholders can work together to improve the regulatory environment in the Central Asian countries to accelerate the growth of air transport.

The main items addressed during the day will be:

  • An overview of the current benefits of aviation in the area and the economic outlook for the upcoming years, as well as regional impediments for future growth;
  • Smarter Regulations and its application in the Central Asian countries;
  • Safety aspects, such as the inclusion of the IATA Operation Safety Audit (IOSA) into a national regulatory mandate and Performance-based Navigation programs;
  • Fuel supply stability and analysis of user charges in the region.

Currently we have CEOs and other top management of Air Astana, Somon Air, SCAT, Qazaq Air Uzbekistan Airways and Avia Traffic, all confirming their attendance. International Air Transport Association representatives will also attend as observers to provide support in areas of economic analysis and other air transport-specific topics.

The first CEO Round Table is organized by Somon Air under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and in cooperation with IATA and will be held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, on Monday, 13 May 2019.

To date, Somon Air has successfully operated flights from Tajikistan to Germany, UAE, Turkey, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. There are Boeing 737-300, -800, -900 aircraft in the fleet of the airline.

Somon Air starts regular flights on the route Khujand – Nizhnevartovsk - Khujand. Flights on the new route will be operated once every two weeks on Mondays. Departure time from Khujand is 9:20, and from Nizhnevartovsk – 15:20 local time. First flight on this route will take place on June 3.

Additionally, starting from May 8, the airline is carrying out weekly flights on the route Khujand – Surgut - Khujand, which are operated on the regular basis on Wednesdays on the Boeing 737 aircraft. Departure time from Khujand International Airport is 8:00, and from Surgut – at 16:30 local time.

To date, Somon Air has successfully operated flights from Tajikistan to Germany, the UAE, Turkey, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In the fleet of the airline, there are Boeing 737-300, -800 and -900 aircrafts.