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Somon Air CEO Thomas W. Hallam II spoke at the first international aviation event after the pandemic - Aviation-Event 2021: Aviation and Tourism. The event took place on the island of Tenerife and discussed the issues of a new model of the tourism industry. Two hundred experts from airlines, tour operators and the media presented their ideas on this topic.

Several sections discussed topics such as Aviation challenges after restart, Vaccination Certificate, Crisis management in the travel industry, Aviation in the Americas: Steps Towards A Full Recovery, Digitalization as an enabler for a new business Model, Opportunities on the path to a more Sustainable Travel Industry, The Long-Term Macro Perspective: Future Business Models in the Travel Industry.

“I was delighted to take part in the first international aviation event since the pandemic. This event can definitely be considered as a sign in the issue of the restoration of the aviation industry", - said Chief Executive Officer of Somon Air, Thomas W. Hallam II.

The Aviation-Event is one of the leading events in the aviation industry involving decision-makers from the world of business, politics, society and administration.

Photo: IATA Regional VP Europe, Rafael Schvartzman, Somon Air CEO Thomas W. Hallam II, IATA Director Regional Affairs Europe Raimonds Gruntins.

Dear passengers! 2021.07.30

Somon Air announces that due to the repair work on the runway at Dushanbe International Airport from August 1 to September 1, 2021 and, as a result, the closure of the airport during the repair work (from 8:00 to 19: 00), the airline will operate all flights during this period at night and early in the morning. All passengers on flights whose departure time has changed will be informed of the changes in advance. For more information please contact the call center of the airline:

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