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Starting today, Somon Air cabin attendants and pilots wear newly-designed and tailor-made uniforms. For cabin attendants, a beautiful bordeaux coloured outfit replaces the former coral and blue uniforms. Bordeaux was chosen to symbolize the pomegranate – the fruit of re-birth; and pomegranates are embroidered with golden threads in the oriental patterns, decorating the female cabin attendants’ outfit.

The uniform provides ladies the possibility to choose between a skirt or a pair of trousers; blouses and male shirts are white and made out of comfortable to wear cotton-mix material. Our female cabin attendants also wear tablets. The silk scarf is kept in peach and provides a warm and elegant transition of colours.

For Somon Air male cabin attendants, black suits have been chosen, to be worn with bordeaux coloured ties to harmonize with the ladies’ outfit. All cabin attendants have been provided with name badges to wear on their jackets. The badges show the first names and the ranks of the cabin attendants. The pilots’ uniforms have been upgraded and stay in the typical dark blue colour.

All uniforms have been designed and tailored especially for Somon Air by the Tajik company New Era. All items were sewed in the Republic of Tajikistan.

To date, Somon Air, has successfully operated flights from Tajikistan to Germany, the UAE, Turkey, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. In the fleet of the airline, there are Boeing 737-300, -800 and -900 aircrafts.