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The meeting between Somon Air management team and the delegation of Omnipol, a company in the aviation industry based in the Czech Republic, took place on January 21 at Somon Air Headquarter in Dushanbe.

The representatives of the aircraft manufacturer Omnipol presented NG and UVP-E20 modifications of its L-410 aircraft to Somon Air. The turboprop L-410 aircraft is designed as a passenger and cargo transporter. The L-410 NG version is the latest modification of its family and carries up to 19 passengers on short-haul flights. It is a perfect aircraft to operate to remote regions, and to carry necessary equipment such as medical applications. It offers advanced technologies, and is equipped with innovative avionics. This modern aircraft is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA.

Somon Air management expressed their interests and the demand to conduct an analysis for the acquisition of several L-410 aircraft. Somon Air and Omnipol will continue their negotiations once a commercial offer has been submitted.

Currently, Somon Air successfully operates flights on its Boeing B737-800 and -900 fleet from Tajikistan to Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, China, India, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and return.