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Somon Air recently opened an aviation training center for aviation specialists at its headquarters in Dushanbe. The aviation training center represents the airline’s continued growth and commitment to air safety.

“The training center was created not only for Somon Air but for all of Tajikistan aviation. Our doors are open to everyone. We are extremely proud of our small contribution in the training of our professional personnel.” stated Chief Executive Officer Thomas W. Hallam II. The aviation training center is certified by the Civil Aviation Agency under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The aviation training center offers initial training, retraining and ongoing training of crew and ground support services. Trainings are conducted by experienced personnel as well as instructors who have been trained in modern aircraft operation at leading world training centers. Training courses will be provided for cockpit crew, cabin crew, engineering and technical staff, personnel who arrange cargo and dangerous cargo shipments and all other aviation safety specialists who work on the Boeing 737 Classic and Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft.

The training center will also provide captain training for qualified applicants. Other courses offered are accident rescue procedures, crew resource management and of course aviation safety issues. Staff will be trained on how to properly evacuate the aircraft in the event of an emergency, the proper use on board of a fire extinguisher, how to properly serve passengers, baggage handling, fueling, etc.

Somon Air currently operates flights from Tajikistan to Germany, the UAE, Turkey, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The fleet is comprised of Boeing 737-300, -800 and -900. Somon Air became an IATA member in 2017.