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Charter flight from Dubai

Dear passengers!
We inform you that on July 9, from Dushanbe-Dubai and return a charter flight is scheduled. Tajik citizens will have the opportunity to expatriate from the United Arab Emirates. Kindly note that Tajik citizens travelling from Dubai to Dushanbe must be registered. Therefore, please apply for registration at the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Tajikistan in the UAE.

Citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan holding the necessary documents to enter to the territory of the United Arab Emirates (working visa, approved reply of Permit electronic program, Emirates ID Card) as well as the certificate showing negative result of Covid-19 test issued not earlier than 72 hours before the flight, can travel on this Dushanbe – Dubai service. Also, citizens of foreign states holding the necessary documents to enter to, or transit into the territory of the UAE can travel on this flight.

Departure time from Dushanbe is 18:00, from Dubai – 21:45 local time.
To purchase tickets and for more information, please contact the airline's call center. 44 640 40 49, 44 640 40 50, call-center@somonair.com