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Charter Flight Dushanbe-Frankfurt-Dushanbe

Dear passengers!

We inform you that on July 28, from Dushanbe-Frankfurt and return a charter flight is scheduled. Tajik citizens will have the opportunity to expatriate from Germany. Kindly note that Tajik citizens travelling from Frankfurt to Dushanbe must be registered. Therefore, please apply for registration at the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Tajikistan in European countries and the United States.

Those wishing to take a flight from Dushanbe to Frankfurt must be registered at the German Embassy in Tajikistan. Somon Air will then issue tickets based on a list published by the German Embassy in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Departure time from Dushanbe is 06:00h, from Frankfurt - 11:30h local time.

Attention! All passengers are required to wear masks and disposable gloves at the airport and on board. Passengers with temperature or symptoms of illness will not to be permitted aboard. After the arrival at Dushanbe airport all passengers (except of diplomatic corps members, international organizations with a special status, and Governmental guests) to be tested of Covid-19 and kept in the quarantine until the results are determined. Passengers with positive results will be kept in quarantine for 14 days and undergo treatment. Passengers holding negative test results issued not earlier than 48 hours before arrival in Tajikistan to be free admitted to move within the country. However, they must register themselves by the local health care institution and be in self-isolation for 14 days under the supervision of physicians.

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