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Starting from March 1, 2014 on international routes of “Somon Air”, including the CIS, the following rules will apply for children and infants:

1.1. Infants up to 2 years are charged an amount equal to 10 (ten) percent of the applicable fare without a seat in the cabin of the aircraft. Each passenger may accompany no more than one child without a seat. Make sure to attach a copy of the air ticket to the document confirming the identity and age of the passenger.

1.2. The air ticket to the second, third and so on infant will be charged with the amount of fifty (50) percent of the applicable adult fare with a space in the passenger cabin of the aircraft.

1.3 Children from 2 to 12 years are charged an amount of 67 (sixty seven) percent of the adult fare (or as governed by the fare rule applicable) with a space in the passenger cabin of the aircraft.

2. On Domestic routes (Dushanbe-Khudzhand-Dushanbe vv.) rules of tickets for children and infants remain unchanged.

What documents do I need to send my child on a flight unaccompanied?

A flight ticket, the cost of which is the same as the corresponding adult fare.

A declaration for the transportation of an unaccompanied child, issued at an Somon Air representative office or sales office, or at the airport check-in counter, and signed by the child’s parents (adoptive parents, legal guardians, etc.) Sample declaration

The child’s identity document.

If the child is a citizen of the Tajikistan, travel outside Russia requires a notarised letter of consent from the parents (adoptive parents, legal guardians etc.) for exit of the child from the Tajikistan, specifying the period of absence and the itinerary.

My child will turn two during our trip. What ticket should I buy for him/her – “Infant” (under two years old) or “Child” (2 years or more)?

A child’s ticket type is governed by their age on the departure date. Therefore you should buy an “Infant” ticket if your child will turn two during your trip.

My child will be 12 years old on the departure date. What ticket should I buy for him/her – “Child” or “Adult”?

You should buy an adult ticket: children aged 12 or more on the departure date are classed as “Adults” in our booking system.

When booking the ticket online, please select the document type “Other”, and enter the number from the child’s birth certificate. (It is not necessary to include the series code.)

Do you provide cradles for infants?

Not all aircrafts are equipped with cradles for infants. You can find out only just before departure, when the aircraft registration number is known.

For help with this, please contact the check-in counter staff, or call the Somon Air Call Centre on (+992) 44-640-40-40, (+992) 44-640-40-51.

Can I buy a ticket for my child via the website if I have already bought a ticket for myself?

Yes, you can, but please call our Call Centre on (+992) 44-640-40-40, (+992) 44-640-40-51 and give us your details (or the details of the accompanying person): name, booking number and ticket number. In this case the child will not be allowed to fly without the named accompanying person.

At what age can children travel unaccompanied?

Children aged between 5 and 16 years old on the day of departure can travel without an accompanying adult. They may travel on direct flights (no connections) operated by Somon Air only.

My child will be flying unaccompanied. What is the boarding procedure, and who is responsible for my child during the flight and on arrival?

After check-in is complete, an Somon Air employee will take your child to board the plane, placing them under the responsibility of a flight attendant. They will then notify you that your child is safely onboard.

Upon arrival at the destination airport, the flight attendant will place your child in the care of an airport employee, who in turn will take them to the person meeting them.

If that person does not give any notice of themselves in the arrivals area, the airport staff will attempt to find them; they may contact you to assist. If all else fails, the child will be sent back to the airport of departure under the supervision of airline staff.

I’m travelling with a child under two and want him/her to have a seat of his/her own. Is it possible?

Your child would normally have an “Infant” ticket due to his/her age (under two years old). An adult passenger can transport one infant without a separate seat (although a ticket for the infant must be registered).

If you would like your child to have an individual seat in the cabin, you must book him/her as a “Child” passenger and pay the corresponding fare.

Can I buy a ticket for an unaccompanied child (under 13) via the website?

No – children under 13 travelling without an adult (“unaccompanied children”) are classed as passengers requiring special assistance. Tickets for such passengers cannot currently be booked online.

You can buy a ticket for an unaccompanied child at any Somon Air sales office, or at the airport ticket desk. A parent or guardian of the child must be present.

Unaccompanied children can fly only on direct routes (without transfers), and only on Somon Air’s own flights. Ticket price is equal to an adult fare. The child has their own seat in the cabin, and the standard free baggage allowance.

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