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Prior to travelling, pregnant women must consult with their doctors regarding possible contradictions and get recommendations and precautions for the forthcoming trip.
Do not forget that the flight can adversely affect the health of the mother and child. Make sure that your hand luggage has all the necessary things for a comfortable flight. Come to the airport in advance in order to pass all the check-in formalities without hurry.
Pregnant women up to 28 week pregnancy (including Somon Air flights) are allowed to travel with the provision of an exchange card and a doctor’s certificate confirming the permission to fly.

Pregnant women from 28 to 32 weeks can be taken on board only if there is an exchange card and a medical certificate with the doctor’s signature and stamp, which clearly reflects the permission to fly. This certificate, issued no earlier than 72 hours prior to departure, must be shown at check-in counter.

Women who are more than 32 weeks pregnant, as well as in cases of a complicated pregnancy, new mothers up to 7 days after birth, are not allowed to travel on flights operated by Somon Air.

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