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During the purchase of tickets, the passengers need to inform whether they are travelling with their pet.

Under the passenger’s responsibility, in general, pets are accepted for transportation. Somon Air is not liable for any physical injury, loss, illness or death of the animal whilst being transported; nor will Somon Air overtake any liability in the event of refusal of an animal entering or transporting through any country or territory.

On Somon Air flights cats and dogs only may weigh up to 5 kg are transported in the cabin of the aircraft in special cages/containers. Birds and other pets weighing more than 5 kilograms are transported in the cargo hold.

Animals and their containers / cages are weighed together and are double charged at excess baggage rates. These rates depend on the destination.

Following documents are required for transportation of animals:

  • Veterinary passport of the pet;
  • Certificate of the animal’s health status (issued by any state veterinary clinic). The veterinarian must not examine the pet earlier than 5 days prior to the scheduled departure date. In the certificate, an information of the age-related vaccinations should be indicated. The last rabies shot should be done not earlier than a year and not later than 2 months prior to departure;
  • Certificate stating that the pet does not represent any breeding value;
  • Permission to import at the destination;
  • For a guide dog: certificate of special training. Guide dogs accompanying passengers with sight problems are transported in the cabin of the aircraft free of charge. In addition to other necessary documents for animal transportation, guide dogs must have a certificate of special training, and must be wearing a collar and a muzzle.

When planning a trip, we strongly recommend that you consult the veterinary service at the airport of departure.

You can contact the State Veterinary and Food Safety Control of the Dushanbe International Airport at +992 98-870-26-26.

Call-center of the air company "Somon Air”: (+992) 44-640-40-40 / 49/50.

Somon Air representatives’ department: (+992) 93-777-70-34, 93-777-70-35.

Please ensure that you arrive to the airport early in order to pass all the necessary formalities without haste.

We would also like to remind you that you are fully responsible for the comfort and behavior of your pet(s) during the flight.

NOTE:  The transport of pets on Somon Air flights from Tajikistan to China and / or to Dubai is only permitted in the cargo compartment of the aircraft, due to special regulations in China and the United Arab Emirates.

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