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The Republic of Tajikistan is a sovereign, democratic, legal, secular and unitary state with a presidential form of government. Boarders with Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
Area: 143.100 thousand square km.
State language is Tajik; Russian and English are the languages of business and international communication.
Population: 9 million people.
The capital: Dushanbe.
Major cities are Dushanbe, Khujand, Bokhtar, Kulyab.
Climate: sharp continental, more than 300 sunny days per year.
Water resources: about 1000 rivers, 2000 lakes, 8000 glaciers.
Currency: somoni.
Phone code: +992.

Tajikistan is a mountainous country located in the heart of Asia, possessing a great historical heritage, the most ancient original culture. The country of the most amazing natural contrasts, the highest peaks, powerful glaciers, rapid rushing rivers, unique in its beauty lakes, rich vegetation and rare animals.

93% of the territory of the republic consists of mountain ridges related to the Pamir, Gissar-Alai and Tien-Shan mountain systems. The ridges are divided by rich and fertile lands of the Ferghana, Zerafshan, Vakhsh and Gissar valleys. The complexity of the terrain and the large amplitude of the heights of mountain systems define an exceptional variety of flora and fauna. Vegetation cover is rich in wild fruit trees, thousands of plant species that are widely used by the population. The most sacred treasure of the republic is rivers and lakes, which have systemic-glacial sources. The highlands of Tajikistan are a repository of huge snow and ice reserves.

Types of tourist activity: mountain climbing, mountain-sports and ecological tourism, rafting, parapenting, mountain-skiing, hunting tourism, historical, cultural and ethnographic tourism, sanatorium treatment and rest.

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