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Somon Air announces a vacancy for the position of a Compliance Monitoring and Safety Auditor

Duties & Responsibilities:

a) Responsibility for the monitoring of Compliance Management System through an audits, maintenance and day-to-day administration of the SMS throughout the organization on behalf of the Compliance Monitoring and Safety Manager and senior management.
b) Compliance Monitoring and Safety Auditor is supporting the investigation, analysis and identification of the cause or probable cause of all hazards, incidents and accidents identified under Safety Management System.
c) Compliance Monitoring and Safety Auditor is monitoring / auditing o f compliance and safety activities and processes, and ensuring ongoing conformity with all regulatory requirements, organization standards and local procedures. This responsibility includes monitoring / follow-up of corrective and preventative actions identified by the compliance monitoring /audits or safety investigations or other internal reporting mechanisms.
d) CRM and Human factor performance;
e) Document control in accordance with the document system as described in the Compliance Management Manual Chapter 5;
f) Establish and maintenance of a library and coordination with librarians to ensure control of Documents, Records and Company Publications;
g) Establish and maintenance of the document, records and publications master database;
1) The issuance and filing of control pages;
2) The distribution of the hard copy document to known copy holders;
3) The control and distribution of electronic copies, including the maintenance of master copies;
4) Create an electronic system of document management under a future Intranet/internet system;
h) Establish and maintenance of the master database for the discrepancies raised from compliance audits and safety inspections;
i) Any other tasks as required.

Basic knowledge and skills:

According to Compliance Management Manual to perform this job successfully the Compliance Monitoring and Safety Auditor should be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and /or ability required:

- Have sound aviation technical knowledge either in Cabin crew operation, Flying Operations, Ground Operations, Engineering & Maintenance, or equivalent;
- Have a minimum experience in Quality Management System and SMS
- Must be trained on Quality Auditing Technics
- Have an excellent understanding of the organization infrastructure requirements and strategic goals to conduct the company's operations;
- Have demonstrable interpersonal skills appropriate to the position;
- Have sound understanding of the current TJ CAA & Bermuda DCA and IOSA regulatory legislation;
- Have excellent technical report writing abilities
- Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Have the capacity to represent the company and department to the Executive management of existing and potential clients and contractors;
- Have a high level of computer literacy, with sound knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Access and Word;
- Have understanding in Aircraft Accident / Incident investigation process or equivalent;
- Have a demonstrable experience in SMS integration

Candidates are kindly requested to send CV and motivation letters to hr@somonair.com For more information, please call 44 640 40 46.


The applicant must meet the following requirements:
- 18 years of age or more (men to 28, women to 26)
- Able to swim (swim test will be part of the recruitment process)
- Able to pass medical examination
- Minimum height 1.65 m
- In possession of a valid international Tajik passport
- High level of English, Tajik and Russian (language test will be part of the recruitment process)
- Customer oriented attitude / enjoys to work with people
- University degree (if the candidate is a student at the time of submission of the package of documents, a certificate from the university is required).

Please send the package of documents (CV, copy of passport, 2 recent Color Photos (one close-up picture and another full body picture), copy of diploma (or a certificate from the university) and copy of English language certificate, if any) at: hr@somonair.com or hand over to Somon Air / HR department, on 40 M. Mastongulov str. Dushanbe, Tajikistan before 10 November 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact us on +44 640 40 46 or +44 640 40 56.