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Somon Air | 28-02-2023


The Czech LET Aircraft Industries company, together with Somon Air, held a presentation of the L410 NG aircraft at Dushanbe International Airport on February 27. The presentation began with the official part of the event, where representatives of the LET Aircraft Industries factory spoke about the technical capabilities of the aircraft and answered the media questions. Then a demonstration flight took place, representatives of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, heads of aviation structures and journalists of local media were invited on board the aircraft. Passengers had a pleasant opportunity to evaluate the aircraft of the Czech manufacturer during the flight.

Somon Air is currently considering various options for expanding its fleet for domestic and regional flights, including L410 NG aircraft. Earlier the delegation of Somon Air visited the LET Aircraft Industries factory in the Czech Republic. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the production process of the L410 NG aircraft, as well as to discuss the issues of training the technical and flight personnel of the airline. In addition, meetings were held with representatives of export companies - the Czech Export Agency and the Export Guarantee & Insurance Corporation on the issues of financing the possible acquisition of aircraft.

The aircraft is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA. The L-410 NG version is the latest modification of its family and carries up to 19 passengers on short-haul flights. It offers advanced technologies, and is equipped with innovative avionics.

Currently, Somon Air successfully operates flights on its Boeing B737-800 and 737-900 fleet from Tajikistan to Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, China, India, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and return.